Better Blue Filter Combo

 The complete solution at an affordable price.

A “must have” for every home because it purifies the water before it enters the house. This means every tap, anywhere in the house (think dish washer, shower and washing machine), is giving the very best water quality.

This whole house solution removes Chlorine, dirt, sediment Giardia, organic chemicals, metals and a wide range of trace contaminants.

It uses a 3 stage system to purify the water:

Stage 1: One micron sediment filter to remove fine particles, bacteria, dirt, grit, bugs and anything larger than one micron.

Stage 2: Carbon Block filter to remove chlorine, chloramines, pesticides, herbicides and organic compounds.
This filter can be replaced with a Fluoride/Chlorine filter.

Stage 3: KDF55 filter to remove heavy metals, copper, lead, arsenic and mercury.
This filter can be replaced with a KDF85 which removes water hardeners, iron and a percentage of Limescale.

Only $1595.00 including GST and standard installation – subject to terms and conditions.



Extras: Approximate $215 +GST (if a pressure limiting valve is required when the pressure test is completed by the plumber). Before we ask for payment, we send our plumber to discuss the installation with you.