Designer Kitchen Filter

The ultimate under sink water filter.

Concealed neatly under your bench top, this space saving water purification unit is one of the most effective household water treatment systems available.

This multi stage system removes Chlorine and all the bad stuff like viruses and bacteria. It removes and treats all the chemicals and harmful metals in your water but retains the essential minerals.

It can be used for aquariums, hydroponics, restaurants, ice machines and coffee machines etc.

It uses a 4 stage system to purify the water:

Stage 1: One micron sediment filter reduces sand, silt, clay and dirt to protect and increase the life of the remaining filters

Stage 2: Carbon Bock filter, made of high quality activated carbon, removes chlorine, chloramines, pesticides, herbicides and organic compounds.

Stage 3: UF Membrane filter reduces bacteria, viruses and Protozoan Cysts. It is effective in reducing colloids, colour, organics, suspended solids, aluminium, colloidal silica as well as chelated and particulate iron.
It leaves behind all beneficial minerals.

Stage 4: KDF filter which is a high purity filter removing heavy metals, including lead, mercury, copper, nickel and chromium. It controls micro organism growth including bacteria, algae, fungi and E. coli.

The granular activated coconut shell carbon removes chlorine, tastes, odours, colour, and certain volatile organic chemicals.



Cost: $495.00 including GST.

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